Our lodge can host   20 people in dormitories and private rooms. Our rooms are rustic, though clean, nice and confortable.

Hot water is provided  though environmentally friendly solar energy. The water is drinkable, captured  from the nascent inside the reserve.

You can relax with a  natural, have a pleasant, renovating rest, and wake full of positive energy.



Discover the mysteries of the night forest. Come even closer to nature and uses his five senses to appreciate the extraordinary biodiversity of the cloud forest. 

Night walks or self guided tours, with different durations (from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours), where you can see cusumbos, armadillos, owls, frogs and other natural wonders.



Our cafeteria  serves delicious dishes prepared with fresh and 100% organic products, most of them from our own farm.

A variety of pizzas will bring the most original and arousing sensations through very pleasant flavors to your mouth.

For those interested, we will enjoy inviting you to taste salads and exotic dishes prepared with products from the Cloud Forest.



We gladly receive those interested in exchanging information, expertise and support in different development projects within the reserve. During their visit in the reserve, volunteers learn about different topics related to life in the field, the practice of conservation and sustainable tourism.

 The main areas of  volunteering programs work  and Internship are

• Agro forestry  and organic agriculture: fermented organic fertilizers based on microbiology planting, maintenance, and monitoring of greenhouse, and coffee production area.

• Ecological restoration of degradated pastures and  biological researche.

• Ecoturism: design and maintenance of infrastructure, developing of innovative alternatives, managing of groups for adventure, birdwatching and nature tourism in general.

• Social work; teaching English, environmental education, computer use, art and any other activity related with the improvement of the social conditions of children and teenagers of the local community. Support  community conservation projects and Pichincha Northwestern defense.

 For information regarding costs, requirements and periods of volunteering, please contact us infotucanopy@gmail.com

Special events

THE BEST birthday present

Organize your custom party for your kids with zipline, pizzas, clowns and more!


 In the reserve we have facilities for workshops and meetings for companies and organizations in general. Create an atmosphere of unity, solidarity and trust among your team through adventure and a welcoming atmosphere. Live The Tucanopy experience!

    Security Information

    Safety comes first for our company. We are responsible for your well being and security within our facilities. For this, we comply with the following procedures:

    • Using a Hazard form and risk assessment for all activities in the Intillacta Reserve;
    • We have a maintenance of infrastructure Plan to zipline  and canopy treadmills and safety equipment are inspected regularly;
    • Georeferenced Map with evacuation routes;
    • Training and updating guides in first aid in wilderness areas;
    • Medical kit strategically placed;
    • Regular strain testing of lines;
    • Implementation of safety briefing;
    • Use of radios for clear and timely communication;

    For more details about building our infrastructure and types of security equipment please let´s us know!