One day Tour

Cloud forest zip-lining DAY TRIP 

  Just an hour and a half from Quito!

Our zipline tour will take you on an unforgettable journey through the canopy of the cloud forest (treetops), knowing and learning about  the cloud forest.   

We offer a private and unique tour in the cloud forest of Nanegalito, which means that you will have an exclusive and personal experience. We handle transportation, lunch, and the activities at the reserve. We can pick you up in any hotel in Quito or around Mindo. 

You can also arrive by public Transport, take any bus to Nanegalito from Terminal Microregional de La Ofelia in north Quito - any bus for Mindo or Los Bancos or Puerto Quito, passes through Nanegalito. In Nanegalito, ask for any pickup truck for a ride up to Tucanopy. It costs about $5 price for the ride, not per person. 

Otherwise we can pick you up in any hotel in Quito or around Mindo. On the way to the Inti Llacta Reserve you´ll enjoy a beautiful and spectacular scenery.

 Once you get to the reserve you will be introduced to the history of the family that have been taking care of this forest. We offer delicious drinks during the day.

You will have the chance to experience an incredible adventure through the treetops of the cloud forest. Zip-lining offers the chance of spectacular views in all directions as well as the opportunity to enjoy the biodiversity of the Andean cloud forest. Have fun on this circuit and discover nature in an unprecedented and original way.

When you´ve finishing the zip-lining activities, a delicious lunch will be waiting with fresh, organic products mostly taken from the orchards and sustainable produce from the Reserve systems.

If you prefer quiet and relaxing activities, you can hang around resting in a hammock while watching the birds in the reserve, or take a walk in our self-guided trail, discovering more about some of the curiosities of the cloud forest or just have fun in our balance games.

 Itinerary from a hotel in Quito.

Departure from your hotel in Quito at 8:00 AM or earlier.

 Zip-lining tour and canopy walk.


Relaxing in hammocks or walking on a self-guided trail.

Depart for Quito: 3:30 PM

Arrive in Quito at around 5 - 5:30 PM

 What is included :

 Round trip transport from/to Quito. Transfers from/to Tababela Airport are available at extra cost. (optional)

Lunch and non alcoholic drinks.

Zip-lining and canopy walk

Self-guided trail. (botany, birds, cloud forest ecology, natural history).

What to bring:

Camera, Binoculars, One clothing change (if need be), Rain Jacket, Hat and sun screen, Re-usable water bottle.

University and school program


 2. Programs for University and High School 

We have recently designed a program for university and high school students, which offers the chance to learn from the exchange of experience, about sustainability, development and possible livelihood alternatives that improve different activities for development. These programs are constantly been tested at the reserve.

Topics that are discussed on the program: 

  • Organic agriculture.
  • Agro-forestry systems.
  • Horticulture.
  • Ecological restoration and soil repair.
  • Conservation and biodiversity of the cloud forest.
  • Organic agriculture as an alternative to overcome poverty and hunger.

 We can also plan your visit in accordance with the needs of the group, combining activities at the reserve or in other sustainable projects of our neighbor. Our entire personal profile is professional, with a masters degree in development, agro-forestry, water management. They been doing research for over eight  years in the area. 

Program example 

10:00 Arrive at Inti Llacta Reserve

10:20 Welcoming, Introductory talk about the history of how the reserve started, and the plan of activities for the day. 

10:20 Welcome, introduction to the book and programming of the day

10:30 Farm tour: visit to different ecosystems and programs that we develop at Inti Llacta reserve, through the walk you will be able to find some interesting species of this region. If you want to have a close experience of  the different flavors of the cloud forest you will have the chance to taste some of the plants and fruits that we produce.  

12:00 Lunch

 13:20 Zip-lining tour and canopy walks.  

16:00 Depart for Quito. 

 What to bring:

 Camera, Binoculars, One clothing change (if need be), Rain Jacket, Hat and sun screen, Re-usable water bottle.

  •  What is included:  Lunch and non alcoholic drinks, Zip-lining and canopy walk, Agro-ecological farm tour, and products tasting, Self-guided trail. (botany, birds, cloud forest ecology, natural history), Taxas.

Environmental education

Environmental education – Learning and playing at the cloud forest. 

At Inti Llacta reserve children, teenagers and adults can be sensible and learn about conservation, environmental sustainability and organic farming. In a ludic, fun, and interesting way all of you will be able to have a personal and healthy experience, and strengthen your relationship with nature. 

The organize groups of school children can choose between: a program, or development periodic visiting to the reserve in special dates, as earth day, water day,  which will provide an  unique and unforgettable experience. 

 Program example

10:00 Arrive at Inti Llacta Reserve

10:20 Welcoming, Introductory talk about the history of how the reserve started, and the plan of activities for the day.

10:20 Introduction to the day planing. 

10:40 Walk exploring and observing the nature and the wild life function, in a dynamic and fun way of learning. 

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Treasure hunt 

16:00 Departure

Two days tour

Two days tours

Staying at Inty Llacta reserve you^ll have the opportunity to connect with nature, sustainability world. You can choose and plan your visit according to your needs, or choose a plan itinerary:  

Itinerary example: 

Day 1.

10 am       Arrive to Inty Llacta reserve.

10:30        Zip-lining tour.

12:30        Lunch. 

14:00        Agro-ecological farm tour, and products tasting.

16:00        Rest and enjoy the sound of nature.

19:00        Dinner  by the fire place. 

20:00        Night walking. 

 Day 2

7:00      Visiting the Dairy  (optional)

8:30      Breakfast 

10:00    Canopy walks 

12:30    Lunch

15:00    Departure

    Security Information

    Safety comes first for our company. We are responsible for your well being and security within our facilities. For this, we comply with the following procedures:

    • Using a Hazard form and risk assessment for all activities in the Intillacta Reserve;
    • We have a maintenance of infrastructure Plan to zipline  and canopy treadmills and safety equipment are inspected regularly;
    • Georeferenced Map with evacuation routes;
    • Training and updating guides in first aid in wilderness areas;
    • Medical kit strategically placed;
    • Regular strain testing of lines;
    • Implementation of safety briefing;
    • Use of radios for clear and timely communication;

    For more details about building our infrastructure and types of security equipment please let´s us know!