Tucanopy is a cable system that runs trough the tree tops or canopy. This activity offers our visitors, both adventurous and scientists, the unique chance of aclose enconter with the biodiversity of Andean Cloud Forests from a different perspective.The journey is made out of six zip lines, which in total add up to 2 150 m (7053,81 feet)Tucanopy is built under strict international safety regulations. All of our pulleys are built in hardened stainless steel, we operate with professional/international recognize harnesses, and our cables support up to 11 000 pounds (5 000 kg).Each visitor is accompanied by two bilingual-naturalist guides, which provide and handle all the necessary equipment in order to make your visit a unique experience.The idea behind Tucanopy is focusing on the development of a nature-friendly economic alternative. Therefore, while you “fly” through the cloud forest, you are also supporting its conservation.


Our reserve has an extensive net of trails, which offer the opportunity to explore different kinds of habitats, in which you can see the 252 species of birds in the reserve. Trails come in different sizes and difficulty levels, in order to allow pleasant walks for the youngest and the elder.

We have a beautiful and interesting self-guided trail with 13 interpreted stops, where visitors can learn about agro-ecology, conservation, interesting curiosities about cloud forest species and more. We are waiting for you, just 1.5 hours from Quito!

Canopy walk

Exploring trough the tree canopy level has become an innovative tourism activity. Originally built for research, are increasingly visited by unforgettable experiences and a spectacular view. Cross trough canopy trees offers the opportunity to contemplate the forest trees from a different perspective. Connect with nature and learn from the forest functions in the balance of our planet! 250 meters of canopy bridges, kinkajou platform, down zip line, guidelines, equipment.Get on this circuit for fun and discover nature in a original and unedited way. All with the maximum security to become a pleasant experience and a fun souvenir.

Farm Tour

Learn - Practice - Taste

Guided tour through the diferent Intillacta projects, such as ecological restoration, raising animal and organic farming. Experience a dynamic learning about sustainability and agroecology, and taste our exotic herbs and medicinal plants..

Includes: guide, tasting of organic products, technical explanation.

Time: 30 min to 1.5 hrs

Environmental awareness


At the Inti Llacta Reserve, children and young people are made aware of and learn about  environmental conservation and the production of healthy food in a fun way. Through interactive and dynamic recreational we seek a living experience that strengthens the environmental culture. Schools or groups of organized children can choose specific programs or regular visits, environmental festivities celebrating creative and memorable way.

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    The forests are not empty

    One of the research projects developed in the Intillacta Reserve is the constant wildlife monitoring. Through Trap cameras strategically located in different parts of the forest, small inventories about…
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    Wildlife threatened

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